“Customers come out more often and stay longer in venues that provide live music.  Live Music Is A Profit Center. ”

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“What I Got”


“Mama, I’m Coming Home

Ozzy Osbourne

“Three Little Birds”

Bob Marley and the Wailers


Do you wish your diners would stay all night instead of just for dinner?  Could your bar / restaurant use more regulars?  Was your last band too loud?  Did they take up too much space?  Did they spend more time on “break” than entertaining your customers?  Did they play songs that they wanted to play, rather than what your customers wanted to hear?

I play just about every genre of music from the 1960’s to today’s Top 40, and I can perform for up to four hours*.  I require only 10‘X10’ of space to perform (sometimes I can manage with even less) and I set up and take down in less than 15 minutes.  CONTACT ME now to see how I can increase both your covers and your average per cover!

* 50 minutes music / 10 minute break


Does your party / event need more entertainment than your iPod can offer?  CONTACT ME to book the best party on your block!